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In the conversations of Theater 4 and Originn Ahali, we staged the play "Together" with the project "Ahali Company", which emerged after the sentences that started with "we used to play theater". In the process that started with this spark, CoLab4, which we aimed to develop more cultural and artistic content with more collaborative and innovative methods, came to life. 


CoLab4 contemporary art movement is an open platform that encourages different disciplines to think and produce art. It realized its first project in the post-dramatic field with four independent theaters in Izmir. The second project of the Co.LAB4 movement was the "2SSFF Spring Programme", implemented in collaboration with the "International 2 Sides Short Film Festival (2SSFF)". In the 2SSFF Spring Programme, international short film selections focusing on the themes of 'Our Difference, Diversity and Sensitivity', remixed videos and queer cinema-oriented interviews met the audience.

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