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Wed, Oct 04


Origin | coworkig

Guest of the Month: Tonguç Gökalp


Guest of the Month: Tonguç Gökalp
Guest of the Month: Tonguç Gökalp

Saat & Yer

Oct 04, 2017, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM GMT+3

Origin | coworkig, Kazimdirik, 296/2. Sk No:33, 35100 Bornova/Izmir, Turkey

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Painter and Musician Tonguç GÖKALP's percussion instruments named "TONGBELLS", which he named after himself, consisting of collected industrial pieces, and photographs of his paintings containing a new form and technique called TONGRAPHY, which he created together with Osman Erkan ARGUN, who created the electronic music recordings and production of the project, via barcovision. by projecting them on the stage, they will perform on the ORGINN performance and event stage for 45 minutes with their simultaneous music, it is possible to see the original two-dimensional images of the paintings on ORGINN's interior walls; thus, it invites the viewer and listener to experience a different world of aesthetics, appearance, size, space and sound.


He was born in 1975 in Izmir. He stepped into art life for the first time in the city where he was born, was invited to his first group exhibition at the age of 10. He took my artistic techniques, knowledge and acquisitions practically and theoretically from his father, Mustafa GÖKALP, who is an art history theorist, archaeologist and aesthetic sciences specialist and painter. His interest in painting, music and other art disciplines started in 1999 at Ege University. By entering the State Turkish Music Conservatory's Department of Instrument Making (string Instruments), he not only developed his plastic hand skills with traditional and modern instrument making, but also led him to take his interest and research in the art of painting in a different direction. The artist's own expression of art theory and technical adaptations are as follows: "While I was reaching this stage in my art life, I had the opportunity to work on many techniques, I developed works on many movements and techniques, I produced works of I became the creator. My interest in avantgarde arts, artnoveu, fluxus, dada, sufi mysticism, traditional Turkish handicrafts, humanities and movements, these movements; They are my guides on how I should take advantage of dynamic, philosophical and technical forms, and how I should direct my style in a common sense. The most important thing in my effort to adapt a different form and technique to the art of painting is the knowledge and knowledge bases. In my paintings, I make use of the concept of multidimensionality in perception, chaotic (complex) shaping, micro textural calligraphic line technique, cubism in coloring, and color understandings of trends such as optical art. Breaking lines, opposing area, reverse angle, reverse perspective, proto-Turkish primitive arts, abstract shaping form the basis and lines of TONGRAPHY technique and art. I compose the visuals in my paintings with experimental sounds, field sounds, sounds from ready-made materials and musical instruments in accordance with my style.


Tonguç Gökalp is a painter and musician. He was born in Izmir, Turkey in 1975. He had his first exhibition when he was 10 years old.

Tonguç Gökalp inherited his art techniques from his father Mustafa Gökalp, who is the pratic and theoric art history theorist, archaeologist and esthetical science expert. He was interested in painting, drawing, music and other subjects of art. He has started to study the craftsmanship of stringed instruments in the State Conservatoire of the Turkish Music in Ege University, in 1999. My devotion to creating and my education in the State Conservatoire have taught me the skill of the plastical handcraft, traditional and modern instrument improvement.

He has worked on a lot of techniques during his education and career. He has invented and developed various techniques and means of art. Consequently, he has created his very own medium and named his original technique as "Tongraphy".

Through his unique composition of the visuality of his painting, Tonguç Gökalp has used experimental sounds, background sound and sounds of ready made. Because of his interest in Avangarde, Artnoveu, Fluxus, Dada, Mysticism of Sufi and Traditional Turkish Hand Art he has studied on diverse means to shape his creations. In his drawings Gökalp uses various dimensionality concepts with chaotic formatting in perception, the line technique of micro textural of calligraphy, the mentality of coloring in Cubism and Optic Art. He has based "TONGRAPHY"s techniques on line breaks, opposite area, opposite angle, opposite perspective, micro textural of calligraphy, front proto Turk primitive arts and abstract figuration. Since Tonguç Gökalp has composed with experimental voices, background sounds and instrumental sounds, he has exposed the viewers with means of audio and visual, live analogue simulation and half realistic, half conjectural in his performing atmosphere.


He is a Folk Dance Instructor and electronic music designer, born in Izmir in 1976, and a percussion and wind instrument performer. He studied Basic Folk Dance at Ege University State Turkish Music Conservatory, and since his school years, he has made many concerts, performances and productions (sound music production) with Tonguç GÖKALP. The development and technical design adaptations with the artist's own expression are as follows: “I started my art life with my interest in Folk Dances. My interest in Caucasian and Chechen Folk Dances triggered my interest in other folk dances. I had the opportunity to exhibit and experience in many national and international festivals. I synthesized the 12/8 timbres of Caucasian music by placing them in electronic music and TGProject designs. My interest in minimal electronics, glitch and industrial pop, world ethnic music and machine sounds encouraged me to combine these two fields. I record the sounds I use in acoustic forms and simulate them with digital sounds, that is, I transform them. Thus, in all my collaborative works, I am able to obtain different sensations as well as a hybrid sound culture and adapt them to visual drawings and designs suitable for spaces.''


1985-1986 Invitation to the group painting exhibition with the theme "Peace in the World" in the category of gifted children. ATATÜRK CULTURE CENTER -KONAK-İZMİR 1981-1996 It is devoted to trainings and studies related to painting, music, philosophy, humanities from various masters. 1996-1997 Anti-Leprosy Association – Group Exhibition – ATATÜRK CULTURE CENTER - KONAK - İZMİR 1998-1999 “Turkish Day Celebrations Group Exhibition” with Master Mustafa GÖKALP – Hilton Convention Center - MANHATTAN – NEWYORK - USA 1999-2000 “Natural Existens Instrument Exhibition” “ one-man performance – Demir Çelik Fabrikaları - BUCA -İZMİR 2000-2012 “Abarajazz” Avantgarde Music Group project design and founding (costume, decor, content and design, stage performances, multi-instrumentalist) - İSTANBUL/İZMİR/ANKARA 2000-2012 Tonguç GOKALP Project - Audio Visual Avantgarde Stage Performances and Exhibitions. 2005-2006 9th ISTANBUL SOUND AND DESIGN BIENNIAL “CTRL-ALT-DEL” – Invited Artist - İSTANBUL 2006-2007 “Mixed Exhibition” - The Pubart Installation and Photographic Exhibition - ALSANCAK – İZMİR 2007-2008 “I. IMPROVEMENT MUSIC FESTIVAL” - Invited Artist - Akatlar Cultural Center ETİLER - İSTANBUL 2007-2008 “COURIER INTERNATIONAL VIDEO FESTIVAL” – ( Taking Action – THE HALL ) Guest artist participation with GVP Video Project - BEYOĞLU – İSTANBUL 2008-2009 “NOKİA SHORT FILM” COMPETITION" - Music of the movie "Turning the Corner" -AVAM - First Prize. 2008-2009 “4. KARGA ART VIDEO FESTIVAL” - Audio-visual performance with GVP Video Project - KADIKÖY BAHARİYE - İSTANBUL 2009-2010 “ALIFART YOUNG ARTISTS AUCTION - 1 and 2” NİŞANTAŞI - ISTANBUL 2009-2010 “MIXED TECHNICAL AUCTION 2 ART AUCTION - ASMART TECHNICAL AUCTURE MODE” - - İSTANBUL 2010-2011 “ALAN İSTANBUL – MORS PROJECT – HYBRID” – Audio Visual Performance - Invited Artist - BEYOĞLU – TÜNEL – İSTANBUL 2010-2011 “GREEN PEACE - ANTI NUCLEAR PERFORMANCE” – ABARJAZZ AVANTGARDE MUSIC AND PERFORMANCE METHOD - TUNEL GU. 2010-2011 “UP AND COMING GALLERY ARTIUM MODERN” Group Exhibition – ASMALIMESCİT - İSTANBUL 2011-2012 DEÜ - FACULTY OF FINE ARTS DEANITY - FULLART Musical stage performance coordinator and invited artist with the “TURKISH KRAUT” project to the performance event - NARLIDERE CAMPUS 2011- İZM 2012 TUNCA ART – “7TH YOUTH GROUP Painting Exhibition AT ART AKMERKEZ” – ETİLER AKMERKEZ - İSTANBUL 2011-2012 “ALIFART YOUTH ARTISTS AUCTION - 3” - NİŞANTAŞI - İSTANBUL 2011-2012 Idiom ART GALLERY – “Group Exhibitions” – MASLAK - İSTANBUL 2013-2015 SESIL AUDITING - Sales and display of Tonguç Gökalp collection paintings - ALSANCAK - İZMİR 2015-2016 GALLERY ROOM ART - Sales and display of Tonguç Gökalp collection paintings BEYOĞLU 2016 “INFITY İSTANBUL” PSYCODELIC ART FESTIVAL” - Musical Performance - Invited Artist - EFES/SELÇUK / İZMİR 2016 OPEN STUDIO MODERN STAGE - “TONGUÇ GÖKALP PROJECT - SOLO PERFORMNACE” - HEROES / İZMİR 2016 YOGA VIDYA - TONGUÇ GÖKALP 2017 WITH THE PRIVATE STUDIO 2017 MELİSA KARAN ART CENTER , instructor of percussion and string instruments

NOTE : You can reach all the paintings, performances, concerts and music works of the artist from these addresses.


Vimeo :ç+gokalp

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Google : “Tonguç Gökalp” see.

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