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Fri, Aug 20



CM_Izmir : Release : Elif Aydemir

This month's guest of CreativeMornings ─░zmir, Meditation Instructor Elif Aydemir, who defines herself as a "love and truth" activist­čžś­čĆŻWe will talk about "Releasing" together.

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CM_Izmir : Release : Elif Aydemir
CM_Izmir : Release : Elif Aydemir

Saat & Yer

Aug 20, 2021, 9:00 AM ÔÇô 10:30 AM



Bu Etkinlik Hakk─▒nda

Take a breath. exhale. Let it go. Let the wind roll over you, let the water flow still, feel the tension behind your eyes relax. Release is a universal law, and each leads to an increase in tension. Everything from flowers to trees has to do this to survive.

Release is a critical part of growth, healing, and transformation. We can free each other from our insistence. We can be the means of each other's salvation. This is what gives the words ÔÇťI'm setting you freeÔÇŁ their power.

What happens when we let go of feelings, expectations, habits, relationships, or thoughts that no longer serve us? What are we releasing in ourselves? What are we releasing into the world?

CreativeMornings/Portsmouth chose ÔÇťReleaseÔÇŁ as the theme for August and Allie Runnion illustrated.

The language of the event, which will take place on Friday, August 20 via Zoom, is Turkish.

CreativeMornings ─░zmir's guest this month is Meditation Instructor, who defines himself as a "love and truth" activist.  Elif Aydemir ­čžś­čĆŻ

ÔÇťGrowing up in a family that is committed to understanding and practicing the culture of Islamic mysticism, Elif defines herself as a student of Love, on her journey to realize the One, from her early ages.

His interest in language, literature and being on the right path to the unknown is reinforced at the age of 17 by an experience of living alone in Finland. This trip plays an important role in touching the integrity of the universality and love relationship. His love of science, which he realized expands his heart, reveals life-long education, not only from books, but also from every being that life brings before him, because the constant need to love and remember to love.

While she was completing her master's degree in Portugal, she gave her first yoga lesson and conveyed what was inside her simultaneously. He has been giving Heart and Mind training for about 3 years, and now offers a two-stage education by blending the Sufi culture, which is inherited from the ancestors, with Buddhist psychology: "The Science of Conversation and the Etiquette of Conversation".

It meets with friends in the 'Purpose Together Presence' circles. It organizes Silence and Meditation retreats, pointing out the continuity of the practice, the value of deep listening, patience and gratitude, to cultivate a sense of responsibility towards the universe and its inhabitants. Within a long-term education on Compassion at Stanford University, she is patiently and lovingly counting the days to bring her project on Islamic Sufism and Compassion to the people of the world.

Bu Etkinli─či Payla┼č

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