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Hack'O Music


Hack'O Music (HOM) that brings together musicians who push the boundaries of music and sound, futurists who want to bring music together with technology, artists, music entrepreneur candidates, engineers, software developers, designers, business developers who can imagine, professionals and students, in short, everyone involved in music  is a Hackathon series. Within the scope of the series, which started on 26th of May, 2018, two hackathons and three meetups on Percussion and Mixing Technologies have been held so far. In addition, the first International Music Technologies Hackathon in Turkey was held with the support of Erasmus+. The event, which is organized with collaborations in different sectors and fields, aims to push the limits of music technologies, which is an international language, and to create qualified solutions to the problems experienced.


Hackathon events are defined as events where people who are interested in a common subject come together and try to come up with new ideas and products about the problem or topic given to them in a limited time. It is ensured that people from different segments spend time in the same place for a common goal within a theme/challenge.


To date, 100+ participants, 16 teams, 18 mentors with different sectoral experiences, expert jury members in the field of music and technology, and volunteer facilitators have helped the participants in developing ideas, as well as contributing to the incubation process of their ideas after the event.



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