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Startup Weekend

The event, Bringing together people from different sectors with different duties and competencies, was designed to allow people to meet, form a team and develop projects together, and was held in collaboration with Yaşar University, StageCo and Originn. In this 54-hour marathon, open to the participation of anyone who has a business idea and wants to develop it, the winner of the Startup Weekend was the Autismo team, which designed toys to improve the communication skills of children with autism. Names such as Taylan Demirkaya, Ercan Gümüş, Okan Alper, Zeynep Sarılar, Oğulcan Akbulut, Serkan İçer, Serkan Bürken, Linda Bunschoten mentor the teams that will form in the process of transforming startup ideas into business in the organization; Joachim Behrendt, Ayşe İnal, Hulusi Berik, Özgür Kılınç and Emrah Tomur from Yaşar University, who are among the leading angel investment network managers of Turkey, took part in the jury.

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