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To permanently inspire a common living and working culture



Originn is a creative hub that provides innovation and sustainability services and encompasses spaces for co-working and collaboration. Originn builds creative communities around the values it embraces with its community. It offers collaboration models for its stakeholders within the framework of these values and creates collaborative spaces with the motivation of being the interface of a multidisciplinary production culture.


Since we were founded as Izmir's first co-working space, we have always conducted a participatory process when designing our space and services. Our priority has always been to create a life-oriented space that triggers creativity and co-production, thus facilitating sustainable economic gain. While advancing this priority, an exercise in a retrospective evaluation led us to question the values that constantly make us who we are. It has allowed us to understand the importance of transparency as we strive to build a culture of collaboration, to pass endurance tests multiple times successfully, and to remember the relationships of trust we have built with the institutions and individuals who have guided us. As a result, this practice has kept us focused on the fact that we are always moving forward.

For these reasons, this year, we want to look back and review what we have achieved together in 2023. We hope to produce many more together in the future.  

Originn Creative Hub Team


Originn, which has indoor and outdoor spaces, is designed to create mobility and organic meeting points for its inhabitants with the spacious atmosphere of the high-ceilinged loft architectural style.

In addition to the modular event spaces, co-working, office and meeting areas, the event spaces are designed to create a holistic space experience that includes particular regions such as FoodLab for private kitchen work and Coffeece for coffee breaks.



Originn Mekan has 40 ready-made offices in different square meter sizes. The serviced offices have been carefully decorated per the users' needs. The services offered to Originn's office users include secretarial service, high-speed internet connection, meeting and conference room use, lounge and outdoor area use, unlimited self-service hot drinks, parking, office cleaning, projection, printer, photocopy and scanning services.

Originn provides a productive working environment for its guests with its modern decoration and spacious atmosphere. In addition, there are open office spaces for 30 people, hosting entrepreneurs and remote workers.


Technical equipment such as projectors and sound systems is available for presentations and shows in the event and meeting areas. Originn is Izmir's creative meeting point, with an event space for 200 people. This space is used for various cultural and arts events, workshops, brand launches, corporate meetings, trainings, seminars, panels, summits, exhibitions, music performances, and cocktails.

Detailed services such as visitor welcome and orientation, hot and cold beverage service, catering service, and parking lot use are among the other advantages offered to users in Originn's event and meeting areas. Originn hosts meetings for 10, 20, 60 and 120 people with meeting areas of different square meters.


This year, we hosted 4467 people from 98 organizations on 270 different days in the meeting room, event space and Foodlab. 99 delicious meals were cooked for our events organized in the Foodlab.


More than 1090 thermos of coffee were brewed in Coffeece for new acquaintances, conversations and coffee breaks. We want to thank all our stakeholders who added sound and colour to our spaces this year.

//Modular Meeting Room    //New Generation Meeting Room     //Large Meeting Room

 //Foodlab                             //Coffeece


Originn Foodlab is designed as a dedicated workspace for entrepreneurs with ideas or projects in food and agriculture. It brings together stakeholders in the sector and academic collaborations to produce innovative and technology-oriented projects, especially food design while providing support to existing projects in the food ecosystem. Foodlab hosts new-generation, national, and international events with different concepts and original content.


Throughout 2023, Foodlab cooked the dish of the day, "New Generation Turkish Cuisine", a menu 262 times for lunches for Ahali. In addition, delicious meals were cooked and served 99 times for events in our event spaces.

Originn Foodlab is an environment where intimate relationships between the community are born around delicious food, and innovation is cooked in this kitchen. Foodlab is more than just a food court; it is also the perfect meeting point for collaboration, friendship and creativity. Here, projects take shape and grow on the table and around a delicious meal.



In an age when business is changing rapidly, creativity and innovation are essential, Coffeece is not just a coffee break. It is also a place of relaxation and a coffee break centre where new collaborations and exchanges of ideas flourish. Residents and local stakeholders make new connections, share projects, and learn from each other during the coffee break.


Over the last year, 17,650 cups of coffee were drunk from Coffeece, and more than 550 thermoses of coffee were brewed for the events we hosted. This way, Coffeece goes beyond a functional coffee break and contributes to business interaction and sharing.


Two hands are better than one.

As a centre of collaboration and integration, the coworking space is essential in addressing issues within the creative community. These spaces symbolise shared values, encouraging interdisciplinary interactions and strengthening a sense of belonging among creative people (Spinuzzi, 2012).

This year, there have been more than 12 gatherings with Ahali, which we call "Second Friday Gatherings." This tradition has been going on since Originn was founded. The Second Friday Gatherings are organised as pleasant breaks that include introductions to new Originn members, conversations between existing Originn members, and food, drinks, and status updates on the topics of the month.

Throughout 2023, we organised over 50 meetups open to Ahali on Originn on entrepreneurship, food, sustainable tourism, creative industries, digital gaming, renewable energy and innovation.

These meetups aim to create new acquaintances and trigger collaborations. Many co-production projects have been initiated within Ahali, and 4 Ahali residents who met through these meetups founded Cyclizm Renewable Energy Technology Company, supported by TÜBİTAK, to achieve these goals.



Originnovation is an innovation movement that aims to increase the contribution and impact of the collaboration and co-production model experienced through a methodology developed at Originn.

This movement brings together the private sector, universities, entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, encouraging them to establish flexible collaborations. It also enables these collaborations to develop creative communities that are measurable and traceable and embrace an open innovation culture.


We focus on collaboration, participation, solidarity and sharing knowledge and experience. We adopt Design Thinking as an approach that encompasses these goals.

Design Thinking is a mindset that supports 21st-century educational goals. It focuses on communication, collaboration, inquiry, and creativity and is used from problem definition to the solution process.




Innovation Strategy Consultancy 

Learning Organization Structure 

Product & Process Design 


Workshop and Meeting Management

Open Innovation (Hackathon, Ideathon)




Design Thinking

Entrepreneurship Training & Mentoring


This year, we co-produced with 22 different stakeholders on 9 different themes and touched 430 people. 

63% of our projects were training and co-production projects.  

AI: This year, we co-produced with 22 different stakeholders on 9 different themes and touched 430 people. 63% of our projects were education and co-production projects.








Most Talked About...

Learning Organisation

Community Management



GAME ECOSYSTEM - Experience Transfer and Networking Meeting

On October 3rd, at the Gaming Ecosystem Experience Transfer & Networking Meeting we organized in Izmir, we discussed the Izmir—Netherlands gaming ecosystem and exchanged experiences. This event was organized to show Izmir's potential in terms of the gaming ecosystem and to open up space for collaborations. We hosted Mr. David Naves, the Cultural Attaché of the Netherlands, and Dutch Game Designer Menno Deen.

In this closed meeting held with the participation of private companies, universities and central government representatives in the Izmir game ecosystem, important information was shared on games and game culture, technology, game entrepreneurship in Turkey/Izmir and the current state of the game ecosystem. With the speeches, evaluations were made on the social role of games and the first step was taken to evaluate new opportunities and collaborations. This event created a vital meeting and information-sharing platform for experience transfer and networking.


As part of our efforts in Izmir to build a sustainable future, we launched a collaboration with REVON, an Izmir-based initiative that aims to contribute to the sustainable e-mobility ecosystem and emerged with a vision of creating value. Our cooperation with REVON, which has an experienced team of engineers in the automotive industry, focused on the request to design an L7e-CU-type electric last-mile delivery vehicle. During the 6-month product design process, we took part in the product design and the strategic consultancy processes of this young initiative.

In our collaboration within the framework of product-service design consultancy, we focused on developing the services and system setup that will start with this product. We started the development phase of the electric last-mile delivery vehicle, which is now ready for sale, with desk research (market analysis, competitor analysis, form and function analysis) and field research (determining user needs) as a result of the study collected data on issues such as the needs of the vehicle and the user, corporate identity (colour palette, logo, typography, graphic expression elements, etc.), and the brand's position in the market. Design and production decisions were made based on this data.


The Harvest Grant Program implemented by Cevdet İnci Education Foundation and İnci Holding supports the projects of graduate students that repair the damage already done to air, water and soil. In 2023, the Harvest Grant Program, which was piloted in 2022 and of which we are the executive partner within the scope of program design consultancy in 2023;


So how can existing sustainability-focused academic studies be made more value-added and sustainable in themselves, apart from the contribution of literature?


Based on the question, we reconsidered the program from end to end.


During the design phase of this process, which we divided into design, planning and implementation, we, together with our stakeholders, determined the macro goals of creating a cultural transformation from philanthropy to contributing to the ecosystem on the axes of academia, sustainability and entrepreneurship, and turning it into a sustainable community in itself.

In the Harvest Grant Program 2023 process, which we planned in line with our macro targets, various support mechanisms were included in the program along with cash support. Participants were allowed to benefit from these supports throughout the 2023 cohort, which covers the second half of 2023 and the first half of 2024, especially the three-week mentoring process.


Within the scope of the program, 15 projects from the project applications received focusing on the themes of Responsible Production & Consumption and Climate Action were included in the mentoring process.


In the mentoring process, which consists of one-on-one mentoring and a webinar series, a holistic basis was prepared for the participants with the webinar series designed to prepare business model canvas, patents, investment processes and presentations, and a space was opened for the participants to develop their projects and receive mentorship from people with expertise in various verticals from the industry.


In addition to the webinar series focusing on Sector - Idea / Product - Target Audience Compatibility, Production - Stakeholder / Resource Management, Financial Structure - Income Expense / Fund structures, Patent & Intellectual Industrial Property Rights and Presentation trainings were given.


The process performances of the participants, who had the opportunity to meet with 13 different mentors for 3 weeks, were monitored and reported.


At the end of the mentoring process, 10 out of 14 projects were entitled to receive equal amounts of grants, as a result of the evaluation made by the jury members, which included representatives from the academy, investment network, TTO and the private sector. In addition, the fact that all projects continued to benefit from other supports in the first half of 2024 was an indication of the "Fellowship" that distinguishes this program from others.


Within the scope of our consultancy service, together with the process report we prepared as the output of the entire process and in parallel with the operational process, we prepared an implementation guide for the sustainability of the Harvest Grant Program, facilitating the follow-up of the action steps followed during its implementation and systematically improving it continuously.



Originn, founded with a collaborative business model, has focused on sustainability from day one. By making the sustainability approach the centre of its business model, it determines its core values as human orientation, life orientation, and environmental orientation.

Originn supports this approach with its sustainability-based services by sharing its knowledge and human resources with organizations.


As Originn Creative Hub and InvesThinker, we prepared the 2022 Sustainability Report of Karşıyaka Municipality, for which we provided sustainability consultancy. We have achieved many outputs with the sustainability consultancy and reporting services we have provided since March 2022. With the Sustainability Situation Analysis Report and the 2022 Annual Sustainability Report in GRI Standards, we carried out improvement efforts on corporate culture, social impact, energy and environmental impact.

Karşıyaka Municipality 2022 Sustainability Report reveals the commitments and strategy of the municipality, focusing on social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability. The report describes the municipality's achievements, challenges, and goals in areas such as environmental protection, social development, economic growth, and good governance. It also demonstrates its commitment to sustainability, highlighting pioneering projects and initiatives.

By uniting the regions where we live in shared goals, we can transform these goals into sustainable actions. We invite you to join and follow this journey, which we believe in.


The event, organized in collaboration with Originn Creative Hub and Yaşar University Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Office (SoFİ), aimed to bring together entrepreneurs focused on solving social and environmental problems with an entrepreneurial approach and to get to know each other better.

In the event's first session, we, as ecosystem interfaces, had the opportunity to share our current work with the participants. We also shared information about the structure and opportunities of the Turkish Social Entrepreneurship Network (TSGA), which we partner with as Originn. This provided the chance to get a comprehensive perspective on social entrepreneurship.

In the second session, participants introduced their initiatives and shared their ideas. Divided into four groups, they presented their ideas, and each group had the opportunity to gather feedback. The results revealed the need for participants to interact more with each other, come together more often, and collaborate with an ordinary mind.


Talking about Gender Misperceptions!

With the program interview "Wearing Gender Lenses" with Prof. Dr. Ece Öztan, we aimed to raise awareness and promote a correct understanding of gender. By striving better to understand the broad and complex concept of gender, we created a vital discussion platform on gender equality and gender roles. However, we realized that there are often misunderstood and misinterpreted points on this subject.

The main topics of the conversation were:

  • Is awareness enough for gender equality?

  • Why is gender not only about women?

  • Can equality be achieved without gender discrimination?

  • Why is everything related to gender?


Under these headings, we addressed misconceptions and stereotypes about gender, supported the effort to access accurate information, and aimed to raise awareness of gender equality by talking interactively with the participants.


As Originn Creative Hub, we came together to better understand the meaning, role, and implications of gender while conducting community-oriented work. In this workshop, we developed insights into the basic knowledge and skill sets needed to use gender as an optic in the fields of community management, organizational relations, communication, and social innovation. We also discussed gender-sensitive and equitable organizational transformation processes.

The topics of the workshop were:

  • Organizations from gender bias to gender sensitivity

  • Change processes in organizations

  • Intersectional approach and gender mainstreaming

  • Gender sensitivity in oral, written and visual communication

  • Egalitarian Social Innovation

Under these headings, we aimed to raise awareness of gender equality, address gender biases within organizations and understand how social innovation can contribute to these processes.


We aim to be a part of networks that adopt its values and participate in its work as an active member to expand its sphere of influence with the principle of partnerships in line with its goals, learn with its stakeholders, and create a positive impact.

  • Impact Hub

  • European Creative Hubs Network

  • Women’s Empowerment Principles

  • REN The Refugee Entrepreneurship Network

  • Social Value International

  • Türkiye Sosyal Girişimcilik Ağı

  • UN Global Compact Network Türkiye


European Creative Hub Networks are networks that bring together people from the creative sectors, such as artists, designers, entrepreneurs and innovative businesses from different disciplines. They were established to support the economic growth and sustainability of the creative sectors. Creative Hub Networks in Europe consist of hundreds of centres operating in different fields. They support the growth of creative industries through business development, funding, mentoring, training and other resources. They also run a range of social and cultural projects to increase the social and environmental impact of the creative industries and to lead change in society.


European Creative Hub Networks are also supported by the EU to support the sustainable growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs and artists operating in the creative sectors. In this context, various programmes and financial support are provided for businesses operating in the creative sectors. Originn is one of the founding members of ECHN and has become a board member as of this year.



Creative Skills Week 2023 is an essential destination for creatives, makers, leaders, cultural workers, managers, educators, artisans, cooks, changemakers, and dreamers who care about the future of creative skills development. Originally proposed in the Creative Pact for Skills Manifesto, CSW2023 aims to synergize existing activities, projects, and communities to promote new approaches to reskilling and upskilling.

The cultural and creative industries are treated as an industrial ecosystem for the first time. Skills shortages and needs are a critical concern for stakeholders from all corners of the Cultural and Creative Sector Industries (CCSI). We are proud to launch the first CREATIVE SKILL WEEK, bringing together strategic thinkers, policymakers, creative hub managers, cultural workers and networks, creatives, and artistic practitioners to co-create plans that address immediate and future skills needs.

This cross-border event and action program is the culmination of several initiatives that join forces to bring together different organizations, stakeholders, and European networks to address the gaps in the skills and needs of the cultural and creative sector industries. Creative Skills Week 2023 is an initiative of the EU Skills Pact for the Cultural and Creative Industries Ecosystem, CYANOTYPES, the Alliance for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills (funded by the European Commission Erasmus+ Program) and the European Creative Industries Association.


Based on the sister city model, the 2022/23 edition of the Creative FLIP Peer to Peer (P2P) exchanges will bring together creative hubs from across Europe and beyond in "twinnings", the starting point for co-creation, knowledge exchange and a year-long collaboration. These exchanges are intended to spark sustainable and long-term partnerships between the community of hubs. This edition of the P2P programme supports the mixed mobility of all selected hubs, including online meetings and a classic face-to-face peer exchange resulting in the creation of a community event. Originn Creative Hub, Izmir and Changemakers Lab, Lesvos have twinned as sister cities within the project and organised the Conference on Sustainable Tourism through Collective Routes.


İzmir, Türkiye


Midilli, Yunanistan


Originn and Changemakers Lab, within the scope of the European Union Twin Hubs Creative FLIP Peer2Peer Program, carried out by the European Creative Hubs Network, with the insights they gained from their interviews with various stakeholders and critical ecosystem actors in Izmir, Lesbos and Athens, we organized a conference in Izmir under the roof of Originn within the international Twin Hubs program to shape the future of sustainable tourism and enable a global community to come together.

We emphasized the importance of sustainable tourism at the "Sustainable Tourism with Collective Routes" conference. We opened doors for tourism cooperation between Greece and Turkey in the Aegean Region. We generated creative ideas to make the Aegean Region a more sustainable destination. We examined the contribution of creative industries to sustainable development with good practices. We found inspiration by sharing examples of sustainable tourism from around the world.


The Refugee Entrepreneurship Network is a platform dedicated to strengthening refugees' integration and presence in the business world. The network plays an important role in unlocking and supporting refugees' entrepreneurial potential worldwide.


The Refugee Entrepreneurship Network was established in 2018 and has since been active in the field of refugee entrepreneurship through events, workshops, and online platforms. The network aims to help refugees gain a stronger position in the business world and participate more effectively in society.


The network offers opportunities for sharing best practices, collaboration opportunities, training programs and financial support for refugee entrepreneurs. The Refugee Entrepreneurship Network aims to increase the diversity and inclusion of communities by supporting refugees to maximize their entrepreneurial potential and successfully engage in business. The network works to meet the needs of refugee entrepreneurs around the world and offer them a better future. The Refugee Entrepreneurship Network is committed to building bridges between communities and promoting solidarity by helping refugees discover their potential and succeed in business. Originn Creative Hub has been involved on behalf of The Refugee Entrepreneurship Network since this year.



The sixth REN SUMMIT, hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Originn Creative Hub and organized by the Centre for Entrepreneurs with stakeholders worldwide, took place in Izmir for the first time this year.

REN Summit I, the Migration Entrepreneurship Summit, brought together migrant entrepreneurs from around the world and researchers, funders, policy makers, and investors working on migration entrepreneurship. In the coming year, we will continue to work and co-produce on migration and mobility issues.

The "Migration Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Co-Design" workshop conducted by Originnovation within the scope of REN Summit 2023 addressed integrating migrant entrepreneurs into the local community, their socio-economic adaptation and opportunities for collaboration. By designing a migrant entrepreneurship ecosystem together with the participants, the sustainability of the migrant entrepreneur ecosystem was aimed with a program that includes elements such as migrant entrepreneurs developing their business ideas, contributing to the local ecosystem, collaborating, training and mentoring.


The Joint Project implemented within the scope of the ENHANCER Project, financed by the European Union and carried out by the International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) under the coordination of the General Directorate of Development Agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey, is implemented under the umbrella of the Social Innovation Initiative Association, Impact Hub Istanbul, Impact Hub Ankara, Turkey Social The Entrepreneurship Network was run by TED University, ASHOKA Turkey and Koç University.


The Enhancer - Joint Project, which is carried out with the aim of making the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey more inclusive and ensuring that refugee entrepreneurs and other social groups have access to more opportunities, aims to provide a common learning and cooperation environment by providing guidance in the creation of inclusive entrepreneurship support mechanisms and bringing together all stakeholders in the ecosystem.


Within the scope of this project, the aim was to identify the information needed to adapt globally produced toolkits to Turkey's specific context. The design of inclusive support mechanisms and solution proposals were discussed in co-production workshops that encouraged interaction between different stakeholders.


In three different joint production workshops held with the participation of 50 people within the scope of the Enhancer - Joint Project, a wide range of issues were discussed and solution strategies were produced, from the experiences of social entrepreneurship support organizations to program designs focused on refugee and immigrant entrepreneurs.

Co-Production Workshop 1 examined the challenges in program design and implementation and suggested solution strategies by addressing the experiences of social entrepreneurship support organizations (SESOs) in Turkey.


Co-Production Workshop 2 was held with the participants of refugee and immigrant entrepreneurs, emphasizing that the programs should be participant-oriented and offering design suggestions.


Sharing Workshop (Co-Production Workshop 3), global SESOs and toolkit designers focused on processes of sharing knowledge and experiences, emphasizing the importance of user-friendly and customizable toolkits.


This project is considered an important step towards creating positive changes in the field of social entrepreneurship in Turkey, aiming to raise social awareness and strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem.


To access the details and results of the Enhancer - Joint Project, you can visit the official website of the project.

This project is financed by the European Union within the scope of the ENHANCER program implemented by the International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) and coordinated by the General Directorate of Development Agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey. Turkey Social Entrepreneurship Network is responsible for the contents contained herein, and the European Union, ICMPD and the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey cannot be held responsible.


Impact Hub is a global network of social entrepreneurs, innovative businesses, and people who want to create social change. It is led by a community of people in cities around the world who have come together to build an inclusive business and innovation ecosystem.


Impact Hub aims to solve societal problems by combining entrepreneurship and social impact. The global network offers its members Business support, training, mentorship, and co-working spaces.


In addition, Impact Hub offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop their ideas, prepare their business plans and connect with creators. The network has supported hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide and helped create many successful social enterprises.


Impact Hub is more than just a business network; it can also be seen as a community and a movement. The global network provides a platform for entrepreneurs contributing to social change to collaborate, learn from and support each other. In this way, a more vigorous movement can be built to solve social problems. Originn has been operating as an Impact Hub Community Partner since 2022.


In the aftermath of the so-called "Disaster of the Century" earthquake, Impact Hub Ankara, Impact Hub Istanbul and Originn Creative Hub took joint actions. After the initial shock and mourning period, we embarked on a mission to understand how the earthquake crisis impacted social enterprises. Recognizing the importance of supporting social enterprises committed to creating a positive impact, we established a Help Desk in collaboration with the Turkish Social Entrepreneurship Network (TSGA) partners. It has become a vital point of contact in assessing the needs of social enterprises in the affected areas, especially social cooperatives.


Impact Hub Ankara delivered service design interventions to strengthen institutional coordination and focused on developing regenerative agricultural systems and resilient supply chains in earthquake-affected areas. Impact Hub Istanbul expanded the reach of ongoing programs by providing funding and expertise to pioneering projects in the region. As Originn Creative Hub, we maintained communication with the teams that reached the disaster area after the earthquake and continuously monitored the needs. Originn members and stakeholders were informed with up-to-date information. Appropriate communication channels were provided to deliver the needs to the disaster area.

In the first week of the disaster, the Originn team set off to Hatay to transfer 21 earthquake victims affected by the earthquake in Hatay to Izmir. After reaching the earthquake zone, the needs collected by the Originn community were delivered to those in need and the earthquake victims were transferred to Izmir. Upon arrival in Izmir, two temporary houses were set up for the earthquake victims, and the Originn team worked on their integration in Izmir. 



Our experience in the United States, at the invitation of the United States Department of State, provided us with an in-depth introduction to the entrepreneurship ecosystem. During our visits to six states, we connected with organizations ranging from NGOs supporting entrepreneurial efforts to grassroots organizations empowering women's businesses. We had the opportunity to learn about best practices ranging from mentorship programs to support mechanisms.


These experiences helped us learn new business models but also helped us reconsider the power dynamics and value-value balance in business life. We knew the importance of approaching complex problems with solidarity models, and these contacts underscored this once again. These experiences provided insights into the business world and allowed us to understand better how we do business. These insights will shape our future steps, allowing us to act more effectively globally.



In 2023, Originn's different clubs, producers and communities came together. 

Originn Food Community, with its 14 producers, received 172 orders throughout the year, and a marketplace was set up in Originn 12 times for the distribution day of these orders. 


In Originn Pop-Up Stores, 18 producers opened 30 booths; at these booths, producers who met with Ahali and the institutions that came to Originn, prioritising fair production, had the opportunity to meet the institutions and find sales opportunities. 


Originn Book Club read 11 books and had long conversations about books thanks to 22 meetings with Dodo Kitap.


CreativeMornings is a free monthly breakfast meeting event designed for creative communities. CreativeMornings is currently present in 69 countries and 238 cities worldwide. Each month, 27,000 people attend CreativeMornings talks.


Each month we invite appropriate speakers around globally determined themes and bring their work, life stories, projects and insights to the creative community.


In 2008, Tina Roth Eisenberg started the "CreativeMornings" event series with New York creative communities, where everyone can update each other while having breakfast, and as of December 2020, we started to undertake the Izmir section as Originn with excitement.


Sanctuary, January - Gülsün Erdinç,

President of Izmir Foster Parents Association: "You can stop running now; you are safe here. A shelter offers protection to the vulnerable: Those fleeing violence, those who are ostracized, those who are told there is no place for them, even animals whose habitats have been destroyed."

Touch, February:

"Unlike sight or sound, touch cannot be transmitted over long distances through screens and speakers. Touch invites us to slow down, pay attention and get closer. Due to the February 6 earthquakes, there is no meeting this month."

Corruption, March - Prof. Dr Çiler Çilingiroğlu:

"Corruption can start innocently enough, like putting someone you know ahead of someone you don't know. Corruption comes in various forms, rewarding social and financial advantages over fair play. It exists in every society and every organization."

Movement, April—Serenay Oğuz,

Contemporary Dance Artist and founder of Pal Izmir: "The body in motion is truly a beauty to behold. Our cells generate kinetic energy through the fine instruments of our muscles, connective tissue, and bones."

Acceptance, May - Cevher Burcu Bağıran:

"Acceptance is surrendering to our reality without judgment or fear. Many things in our lives cause us discomfort or pain. We try to change or resist them but in vain. So, like a wounded animal, we swing a big stick to keep them away."

Reverie, June - Sıla Topçam,

Founder of Sıla Story School: "When the edges of your gaze soften, where does your mind travel to? Which thoughts arise spontaneously? Dreams make you dream while awake, making loose associations that emerge from somewhere not inside or outside you."

Treasure, July - Nesim Beconya,

Coordinator of Izmir Jewish Cultural Heritage Project: "Treasure can manifest in many ways, physical and abstract. Your Treasure can be an ancestral ring, a water source hidden in an arid landscape, the budding intimate trust of a new friend, new photographs of a wider galaxy filled with sparkling iridescent swirls, or the remains of people from a distant time and place."

Pride, August - Ali Kemal Ertem,

Co-Founder of Maquis Projects and Street Disco: "Honor is a celebration of our truest, brightest selves and a challenge to those who expect us to extinguish our light. We live in a world that often pushes us to take up less space, to hide the parts of ourselves that cannot be easily commodified or consumed."

Simplicity, September - Cemil Tugay,

Mayor of Karşıyaka: "In the design traditions of Scandinavian and Japanese minimalism, the reduction of objects creates a greater sense of peace and comfort. Simplicity invites us to imagine how rich we can feel when we make do with less."

Endurance, October—M. Salim Kadıbeşegil,

Founding President of RepMan Communication Research Center: "Resilience is an unwavering flame that burns within us, lighting our way through darkness and uncertainty. It is the silent force that emerges when challenges test our limits and encourage us to go beyond what we thought was possible."

Rhythm, November - Nur Niyaz Bildik,

Founder of Niyaz Bildik Dance Company: "Which rhythms set your tempo? A celestial rhythm pulsates around us all. The world is spinning. The sun rises and sets. The moon attracts and releases the tides twice every day. The seasons cycle each year. But we also live among the unnatural rhythms of flickering fluorescent lights, ringing notifications and cars idling at traffic signs. Rhythm can light you up or burn you out."

Pain, December - Creative Mornings All Participants:

"Ahh! It hurts. Pain is a stimulus. It is also a lesson. It teaches us what to avoid and how much we can bear. We can talk about the pleasures of sadomasochism. Or the agony of emotional trauma or physical abuse. There is an endless barrage of criticism in the comments. The grief of losing a loved one. The enormous destruction and psychological costs of the many geopolitical conflicts worldwide."



Fadime - Kaplan Zülfikaragil Çitfliği, Foça / İzmir
Tatuta Çiftliği, Foça / İzmir
Necdet Ayma, Foça - Menemen / İzmir
Pınara Organik Çiftlik, Seferhisar / İzmir
Oya - Nedret - Pelin, Marmariç / İzmir

3 Elma, Çankırı
Apo, Bornova / İzmir
Necmiye Gücenmez, Bergama / İzmir
Ahmet Özdemir, Kütahya
Aşod Çelebi, Urla / İzmir
Sırma Gökler Çiftliği, Foça / İzmir
Ozan Özkan, Anamur / Mersin
Melinin Çiftliği, Selçuk / İzmir
Aloğlu Tarım, Bergama / İzmir
Marmaris Kooperatifi, Marmaris Muğla

DodoKitap, Nihal Yurtsever
Jewellery Designer, Aslıhan Erdur
Novella Gelateria, Aslı Kaya
Lalu Bag, Evşen Çokuslu
Mapa Ceramic, Gece Dalyan
KEP, Pervin Aydar
Halka Kooperatifi, Özge Sever
Pagos Kadın Kooperatifi, Filiz Çakar
Yavaş Dükkan, Asil Dugan
Kidolina, Gülin Çetinbudaklar
Balwax, Mümüne Koyu
Preza, Sena Adatepe
Mana Flower, Ece Uylas

Tonishe Design, Elif Parlakoğlu Alabaş
Iva Natura, Levent Kahrıman
Anasanya, İrem Güngör
Be Calm, Suat Çakmakoğlu
Keep Risen, Burçin Balaban
Heleloyi, Dilruba Karalp


Dodokitap has operated as a bookstore and cafeteria in Karşıyaka, Izmir, since 2018. Initially established as a bookstore selling children's books and reference books on raising children, Dodokitap has grown to offer a more comprehensive collection of books for adults.

The difference between Dodokitap and other bookstores is that it offers a boutique service approach. The bookstore knows its customers and pays special attention to them, and its shelves are stocked with carefully selected books. Dodokitap aims to provide its customers with a quality reading experience by carefully selecting each book rather than supplying books based on popularity or the author's reputation.

The bookstore brings together reading enthusiasts through open and closed group book clubs. It also brings readers together for in-depth discussions and sharing on specific topics through specialized reading groups that provide focused reading. In addition to regular reading events, Dodokitap hosts various activities for children and adults.

Offering carefully selected books on its shelves for readers who want to explore, Dodokitap aims to be a bookstore and a meeting point for reading enthusiasts.


Notes from the Underground, Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky

Days, Months, Years, Yan Lianke

The City in Red Cloak, Aslı Erdoğan

T. Singer, Dag Solstad

Yellow Hot, Yasar Kemal

Pedro Paramo, Juan Rulfo

The Legend of Agridagı, Yasar Kemal

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson 

Deadly Identities, Amin Maalouf

Man's Pain is Taken by Man, Şükrü Erbaş

Farewell to ORIGINN 2023

2023 was a difficult year. We started with unexpected disasters, and the challenges became increasingly complex and insoluble in all the actions we tried to continue. Each challenge was a new reason for introspection, learning, change, and solidarity. We have worked hard to find the determination and strength to accept our new circumstances and move on. 

As we enter 2024, we intend to continue to work hard to be a committed and compassionate stakeholder for strong, positive, impact-oriented collaborations. We welcome the new year with hope and excitement, more aware than ever that growth is a bittersweet experience.


We wish it to be a year in which our paths will cross more for common goals...

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