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Fri, Mar 18



CM_Izmir : Dare : Fatih Gençkal

This month's guest of CreativeMornings İzmir, together with artist, trainer and curator Fatih Gençkal, will talk about "Courage".

CM_Izmir : Dare : Fatih Gençkal
CM_Izmir : Dare : Fatih Gençkal

Saat & Yer

Mar 18, 2022, 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM


Bu Etkinlik Hakkında

To dare is an act of faith. Even if we don't know what the outcome will be, we muster up the courage to make the rising leap. At the core of daring, you will find that courage and defiance go hand in hand. We dare to challenge the stories that have been passed down to us and that limit our imagination.

How can we muster up the courage to do impossible things when we pour out stories that no longer serve us but whose path of progression seems uncertain? In The Field Guide to Disappear, Rebecca Solnit invites us: “Leave the door open to the unknown, to the dark. That's where the most important things come from, where you come from and where you're going.” The door is open. Do you dare to take a step?

The theme for September, Courage, was chosen by CreativeMornings/Porto Alegre and illustrated by Mitti Mendonça.

The language of the event, which will take place on Friday, September 17 via Zoom, is Turkish.

CreativeMornings İzmir's guest this month is artist, trainer and curator Fatih Gençkal💥

After studying political science, acting and contemporary dance, Fatih Gençkal works as an artist, trainer and curator in the field of performing arts nationally and internationally. Studies in the field of performance; It has been exhibited in many festivals and venues, especially in Theater Freiburg, TheaterFormen (Germany), Julidans (Netherlands), PS122 (USA) and Istanbul Theater Festival. He worked with institutions such as Taldans, Garageistanbul and Istanbul DT.

In addition to curating the A Corner in the World festival since 2015, he co-curated bomontiada ALT from 2017-2019, co-curated the Space for Culture year-end event since 2018 and hosted the Gallows in November 2020. realized the executive performance program.

As an instructor, he gave lectures and workshops at many institutions including Haliç, Özyeğin, İstanbul Bilgi and Eskişehir universities and İstanbul ŞT Contemporary Performing Arts Center. Fatih Gençkal, who is a candidate for the Beklan Algan Award of the New Theater Magazine (2014), the Director of the New Venue Manager for Direkler Interoperability (2015), and the New Theater Magazine Contribution to Turkish Award (2018), is the founder of A Corner in the World . and contents design live experiences with the tibia x fibula across disciplines. In addition, Communitas Izmir advisory board member.

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