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Fri, May 21



CM_Izmir : Flexible (Resilience) : Iraz Candaş

CreativeMornings İzmir's guest this month is permaculture designer Iraz Candaş.🌱 We will talk about "(Flexible) Resilience" together.

CM_Izmir : Flexible (Resilience) : Iraz Candaş
CM_Izmir : Flexible (Resilience) : Iraz Candaş

Saat & Yer

May 21, 2021, 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM GMT+3



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To be resilient is to be adaptable. It is a way of being flexible and alive with the leaps we make to live. It is about learning, developing and intertwining our roots to share resources and build a strong collective anchor. It means swaying rather than snapping, like trees in a storm.

It is not easy to persevere in the face of difficulties and heartbreak, to say the least. “I think resilience is the strength and speed of our response to challenges,” says Adam Grant, a psychologist and co-author of Option B, a book about resilience. To heal, to be sad, to yawn but not to be broken? Building these resistance muscles takes time and dedication. “It's a skill set we've been working on throughout our lives.”

For your life, community, or planet, consider: What can you do today to help build strength and ease for the future?

CreativeMornings/Dallas chose Resilience as May's theme (Flexible) and illustrated by Niki Dionne.

The language of the event, which will take place on Friday, May 21 via Zoom, is Turkish.

Iraz Candaş completed the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course organized by Permaculture Research Institute Turkey in 2012. He decided that he wanted to study permaculture in depth with this course. During her 10-week internship at the Australian Permaculture Research Institute, which she completed in 2013, she specialized in different subjects and increased her field experience with intense work. He implemented the theoretical and practical experiences he gained during his internship with the design and implementation studies of the "Kızıltepe Permaculture" land. He became one of the trainers of Permaculture Research Institute Turkey in 2014 and prepared training curricula on different subjects and gave adult trainings many times. Iraz Candaş, who has been working as a permaculture design consultant in different scales and geographies since 2014 and has been working in the administrative staff of the institute since 2017, continues her professional design consultancy services in Urla, İzmir, under the roof of the Earth and Sky Restorative Design Center, of which she is one of the founding partners.

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