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Sat, Jan 23



CreativeMornings Izmir / Lyrics: Fırat Neziroğlu

CreativeMornings İzmir'in bu ayki konuğu sanatçı Fırat Neziroğlu.

CreativeMornings Izmir / Lyrics: Fırat Neziroğlu
CreativeMornings Izmir / Lyrics: Fırat Neziroğlu

Saat & Yer

Jan 23, 2021, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM


Bu Etkinlik Hakkında

The word is to do something "because you said you would". Words can take any tone, depth, and form: appointments, acts of kindness, habituation and letting go, agreements and resolutions. Thanks to the unpredictability of life, we are always making promises and breaking our promises.

Promises made and fulfilled are exchanges of power. We invite you to make a promise to yourself and others this year and to keep that promise. Even the smallest of promises fulfilled can create waves of meaningful change when applied to positive effect.

This month's theme was chosen by Creative Mornings Tirana, with illustration by the talented Jolin Matraku.

The guest of CreativeMornings İzmir this month is artist Fırat Neziroğlu.

Fırat Neziroğlu, who studied textile and fashion design, weaves them all together as a thinker, academician, dancer and weaver. The artist, whose aim is to get to know herself and the world by dancing, weaving and making some touches, has worked in many fields from fashion design to dance, from weaving to stage performances, and she continues to do so. Fabric collections and works of art were exhibited in many parts of the world. He was chosen as the brand ambassador of Thailand by the Kingdom of Thailand. He participated in the Lausanne Biennial, the world's most important fiber art event, and was on the cover of Chiristie, one of the world's most important auctions. She exhibits her ready-to-wear collection on the runway of New York Fashion Week and continues to weave in her atelier. She realizes her dreams on stage with the classical ballet-modern dance company ModernDansLAB. Currently, she is performing weaving accompanied by music on the stage, which is designed for the first time in Turkey.

Bu Etkinliği Paylaş

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