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Food Communities

Food Communities transform the meeting of producers and consumers, which have been inherited from the ancestors, into enjoyable meetings by using the opportunities of the age. Each meeting creates areas that support more information sharing, awareness, a production that respects nature and also provides the opportunity to get to know the producers and meet with the products of the producers.


Originn Food Community,

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• is a community of producers & consumers that come together at Originn every two weeks with the support of GETO.

• Small producers are a community of people gathered around pesticide-free and natural farming.

• It brings together the producer and the consumer, without intermediaries.

• Not only the Originn Ahali but anyone who wants to participate in this cycle and be a "derivative" can be included.

 • The food list arrives by mail, the needed products are selected, and natural products are received from Originn once every 2 weeks.


You can join us to participate in the distributions made every 2 weeks, to share the story of the products on your plate, to support clean production and to be not only a producer but also a derivative.


What is Community-Supported Agriculture (CAD)?


It is the responsibility of food communities to share the responsibility of each stage of production with the producers, who are part of the community, on a product basis.

Thanks to this support, which is given with a material and/or purchase guarantee, the producer reduces his concerns and makes production knowing that it is supported by the community, while the consumer provides access to clean food with a spirit of solidarity.


The products of CAD  with Izmir Food Communities in 2020:

​ ​



Shell beans

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