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Think Up Culture!

Think Up Culture

Think Up Culture!, an accelerator program that supports entrepreneurs or projects in the field of culture and creative industry, was held in Originn after Barcelona, ​​Minorca, Ibiza, Palma and Argentina. In the program, which hosted the pioneers of regional transformation, tourism and digitalization in the sector in Europe, cultural actors, mentors, public employees and academics working in the creative field in the city focused on international opportunities, women in culture and creativity, culture and creative industries and city and regional transformations in this field, good practices, new perspectives and business models in digitalization, the expansion of local festivals and their internationalization, fundraising in the creative industries and the vision for the future.


Erika Rushto, Fiona Armstrong Gibb, LynneRobertson, Dr. Òscar O. Santos-Sopena, Cristina Gómez, Anna Aguiló, Mariona Luis mentored 8 startups to be selected.

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