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Yesilova Mound Visitor Center

Yeşilova Mound is the oldest settlement in İzmir. After the findings obtained during the excavations in Yeşilova Mound, İzmir, which is thought to have a history that goes back at most 5 thousand years before it was discovered in 2003, was understood to be one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia.

With its doors opened to visitors in 2014, 8500 years ago, the "Yeşilova Mound Visitor Center" is a unique structure, with the number of visitors reaching 300 people per day, and where activities are carried out under the guidance of experts. The Visitor Center is also a living cultural center with activities such as concerts, ceremonies and exhibitions.

In 2017, Originn organized workshops that brought together the historical texture of Yeşilova Mound with designers and people in the city who think, design and enjoy creating.

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