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Women in Space (WinS)

What begins as undifferentiated space becomes place as we get to know it better and endow it with value. Spaces become ‘‘places’’ as they become imbued with meaning through lived experience (Tuan, 1977). The notion of place and sense of place changing from society to society and within society is an extension of culture. The space that is produced, transformed, given meaning and gaining an identity also gives an identity to the person who produces it. The main factor that gives a place a gender identity; These are the cultural details that men or women add to the space in the process of reproducing that space and evoke their sexual identity. Space and gender relations are processes that mutually and continuously construct each other, diversify and differentiate, and cannot be considered independently of each other.  While spaces reflect the social, they also affect, change and transform the social space.

Within the scope of this project, we aim to see what women can achieve or fail against gender inequality and stratification in our country, as in the rest of the world, through the spaces they produce, transform, and give meaning and identity. We see failure as a gift as precious as the joy of learning from mistakes and embracing them. We want to meet with women who create spaces in different fields such as food, agriculture, technology, creative industries, entrepreneurship, education, art and find or redefine themselves through the spaces they create. With this project, inspired by the experience in the IVLP network, we come together with people working on similar fields in Turkey, and ensure the flow of information between cultures and geographies, and we want to strengthen our networks with network meetings.

The Women in Space project consists of 2 phases. In the first phase of WinS E-Talks, we will hand the microphone to the women creating space in the IVLP network and ask, "How did you transform the space into a place?" The place can sometimes be a hub, sometimes a digital platform, and sometimes a field. You can listen to these interviews on Originn youtube channel and WinS e-Talks Spotify podcast link above. The second phase is planned as a physical summit consisting of talks, bazaar and community sections with local participants. In WinS Talks, we met with women who create places in city and rural; we established a bazaar in WinS Bazaar where the products and stories of women who produce locally are shared; we met in WinS Community to increase acquaintances and strengthen ties.

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